Last vs the last

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Last week (month)  je mesiac pred týmto. To znamená, že ak je teraz Máj, last month bol apríl. Je rok 2020, takže last year bol 2019.

The last week (month) je obodobie posledných 7 (30) dní do momentu kedy rozprávam. Ak je dnes 26. Mája 2020, the last month je obdobie od 26 apríla do dnešného dňa t.j. 26. mája. The last year je zase obdobie posledných 12 mesiacov, čiže od mája 2019 dodnes.

  • I was ill last week, but I’m OK this week.
  • I’ve had a cold for the last week. I feel terrible.
  • We bought this house last year.
  • We’ve lived here for the last year, and we’re very happy with the place.


Všimnite si slovosled v prípadoch keď používame nie len the last, ale aj číslo a teda vyjadrujeme ako dlho.

  • I’ve been busy for the last three months. (NIE … for the three last months.)

The last days/weeks/months zvyčajne používame buď s číslovkou (viď príklad vyššie), alebo so slovom few.

  • The last few days have been busy. (NIE The last days…)



The last môže taktiež znamenať “posledný v rade”.

  • In the last week of the holiday something funny happened.
  • This is going to be the last Christmas I’ll spend at home.


Latest použiváme ak rozprávame o niečom novom (najnovšom) a last o tom čo tomu predchádzalo a teda poslednom. Takže latest episode of TV series bude tá najnovšia epizóda last episode of TV series bude tá poseldná resp. tá, ktorá predchádzala najnovšej.

  • Her latest book’s being published next week. She thinks it’s much better than her last one.
  • He’s enjoying his latest job, but it doesn’t pay as much as his last one.

Last or the last?

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This is the first opportunity I have had to write to you since we came here .......... Monday.

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Thanks for .......... night.

3 / 10

I had a very interesting experience .......... Friday.

4 / 10

Alex was enjoying .......... cup of coffee.

5 / 10

We left the city .......... night, and arrived in Mexico this afternoon.

6 / 10

Then, think about how far we have come in .......... fifty years.

7 / 10

On .......... day, the great Duke had spoken.

8 / 10

Certainly, you don't want the whole world to know where you were .......... night.

9 / 10

The findings suggest that almost all economic growth in .......... 120-plus years was from technology.

10 / 10

Did I tell you in my .......... letter that I had a new dress?

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